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Art by Merridy Webster

Merridy Webster

Exhibiting Artist

A mixture of pottery and sculpture, startling realism, a vibrancy of colour and humorous fantasy -- all characterize the work of Gold Coast sculptor Merridy Webster. Originally from California, Merridy migrated to Australia (her mother's homeland) in 1978 with her family.

Greatly influenced by nature, she promotes an appreciation of native wildlife and of the island continent's natural beauty. Her work is held in many private collections and galleries throughout Australia.

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Fire Tales

Linda Weil

Exhibiting Artist

Linda absolutely loves to draw. She will use different drawing mediums to create final pieces of art, rather than as a preliminary study for an oil or watercolour. Her preferred subject matter is nature and wildlife studies, often with a slight twist in concept. Her sensitive handling of line and tone is expressed in delicate renderings of the subjects fur and textures..  Linda's love of the medium and subject is evident in her works of beautifully drawn native animals and nature studies.

As she says: "Drawing is my first love and I cannot remember a single day of my life when I have not drawn something. Graphite pencil is my preferred medium, but I also enjoy working with a limited colour pencil palette and have now embraced pastel work. A simple line can express so much, and with a it you can capture the essence of a landscape, the structure of a building the mood of a still life or the personality and character of any animal, from a mouse to a lion. Drawing is a constant joy."

Linda's work is currently on display at selected galleries throughout Australia and may also be viewed on her personal gallery website.

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Colleen Werner

Exhibiting Artist

Colleen works in a number of mediums, including watercolour, graphite, oils, and etching. Her preferred medium by far is watercolour. Most works are detailed studies of the natural world.

A great deal of inspiration is sourced from the bushland that surrounds her home. She feels privileged to live where she lives, on the edge of the Werrikimbee Wilderness - a World Heritage listed area.

She is captivated by the animals and plants she encounters in her ramblings. It is hoped that through these close studies, The viewer may be drawn into thinking of broader ecological questions, and be held in awe of the natural world as she is.

Nowhere to Run

Gary Woodfield

Exhibiting Artist

Gary likes to think of his art as one continuing mural depicting a never ending story of wildlife scenarios. "I feel more connected to my paintings when I am actually portraying a wild habitat surrounding my chosen subject matter. I get a lot of inspiration from my local rugged wilderness, which for me is very fortunate for my research into various forms of wildlife."
Using an earthly colour pallet allows him to visualize a unique perspective similar to that of animals which see colour in restricted vision. It is this methodology which draws an audience into the depth of his work creating 'eye contact'. 

"I like painting wildlife simply because it is challenging, and requires a personal discipline. The pungent smells of trees and ground are my sentinels which trigger my artistic senses, an idea comes to mind just by being near something wild and natural. It is this feeling that drives my inspiration creating an image in my mind before pencil and brush touchesa blank canvas."

Travel is another important component of his inspiration, going places and seeing and smelling the natural contours of landscapes inspires abundant ideas. A cache of references stored in memories and on film which can be dwelled upon as the need arises. Observing wildlife and fauna in their natural habitat is vital evidence for his compositions allowing realism to flourish.

Queensland Wildlife Artist's Society Inc.

Australian Wildlife Exhibition

30th October - 5th November 2017
Auditorium, Mt Coot-tha Botanic Gardens, Toowong


International Wildife Exhibiton

16th March 2018 - 28th April 2017

Logan Art Gallery, Queensland



QWASI at The Old Schoolhouse Gallery

You can always find some wildlife artworks at The Old School House Gallery, Shore Street North, Cleveland (just past the Grand View Hotel). Along with other styles.

Entry is free and off street parking is available.

New works are hung each month to keep the display interesting and vibrant! There are cards, small matted prints, jewellery and sculptures also displayed.

Come visit us and don't forget to leave your comments in the book.

Gallery hours are Friday - Sunday 9.30am - 4.30pm.



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All are welcome.

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