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Art by Natash Maciejewski

Natasha Maciejewski

Exhibiting Artist

Natasha is a very talented young artist. She has worked hard to develop her skills, beginning with art lessons at the age of 11, a practice which she continues to this day. Strongly encouraged by her parents to pursue her art, Natasha has developed an interest in graphite, coloured pencil and ink as her preferred mediums while choosing to focus particularly on wildlife for her subjects. Australian birds and African wildlife are an area of fascination, and Natasha hopes to spend a significant amount of time developing her skills further - a pursuit which her school supports.

As a secondary student, Natasha is aware that she has much yet to learn but feels she also has much to offer the world through her artworks.

Hanging In There

Janet Matthews

Exhibiting Artist

"Coloured pencils and drawing have always been my passion. I cannot imagine life without a pencil in my hand, and I just love beautiful drawings."

Janet (Dip and Grad Dip Vis Arts, WASF, AGRAF.) is a multi-award winning artist exhibiting regularly in Australia and overseas. She has completed commissions for Australia Post, with stamp images and has work in the "Focus on Nature" permanent collection of the New York State Museum. Janet is a Fellow of the Wildlife Art Society of Australasia and a Fellow of the Australian Guild of Realist Artists.

Janet has been working with pencil for all her life, specialising in the medium and promoting her passion for Drawing and Pencil Painting. Janet has an individual style of combining coloured pencil and graphite, which has been described as "weaving magic with pencil". Each work is a combination of both mediums, some with a lot of colour and others being greylead with a touch of colour in the focal area; creating an alive, unique and appealing subject.

Janet's work is full of beautiful detail, are always of a high standard and reflect her own personality, humour and life experiences. Animals and Birds are her focus, especially native Australian creatures. Her works have won many awards, are held in high acclaim and have justifiably placed her in the forefront of artists using her chosen medium. She shares her eperience and knowledge by running specialised workshops in colour pencil all over Australia, as well as classes from her studio in Narre Warren North, Victoria.

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Natural Intent

Chris McClelland

Exhibiting Artist

Chris McClelland is famous for his unique, fine and intricate pencil drawings of African and Australian wildlife. He spends hours studying his subjects in their natural habitat, observing their movements, and noting the interactions between predator and prey. He uses sketches, photographs, video footage and his own well-honed powers of observation as reference to accurately portray the behaviour and anatomy of his animals. He draws them with such fine detail that each of his drawings can take up to 300 hours.

Chris is now receiving many awards in Australia for his extraordinary detailed wildlife drawings using of graphite and coloured pencils. The opening of the Chris McClelland Gallery at 84 Lachlan Street in Hay is attracting a large number of visitors to view his wonderful drawings and observe him drawing.

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Singing The Blues - Tapdancer

Cathy McClelland

Exhibiting Artist

Cathy is a Signature Member, Artist for Conversation and the International Guild of Realism. She paints all subjects in all mediums but specializes in Australian birds and wildlife with her ‘Tapdancers’ proving very popular among her collectors. A professional artist, Cathy has been painting wildlife, landscapes and domestic animals for many years and shares her knowledge openly as an art tutor holding weekly lessons in Toowoomba.

Cathy has received many National and International awards and is honored to be a member of AGRA, WASA & QWASI. Cathy’s ancestors were loggers and bullock team drovers on the Bunya Mountains cutting down the rain forest for their survival and now she paints the wildlife and landscapes to help protect and bring awareness to them worldwide. How times have changed! For more information visit her website.

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Marlene Millard

Exhibiting Artist

Marlene is a Rockhampton artist with a rural background and her love for our country is reflected in her work; specializing in wildlife, animal portraits and landscapes.

Marlene has formal training with a Diploma in Complete Commercial Art & Graphic Design. She has also participated in many and varied Art Workshops to expand her knowledge and skills. Marlene has won various awards and exhibited solely and in Art Society exhibitions. Currently Marlene produces drawings & paintings for commissions, exhibitions and competitions, along with teaching drawing & pastels.

Marlene’s work may be viewed on her website, facebook page, or by contacting Marlene.


The Queensland Wildlife Artists Society Inc.
The Pastel Society of Australia
Flying Arts Alliance.


Email marlene@marlsart.com
Phone 0419 647064
Website www.marlsart.com
Facebook www.facebook.com/marlsart

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Queensland Wildlife Artist's Society Inc.

Australian Wildlife Exhibition

30th October - 5th November 2017
Auditorium, Mt Coot-tha Botanic Gardens, Toowong


International Wildife Exhibiton

16th March 2018 - 28th April 2017

Logan Art Gallery, Queensland



QWASI at The Old Schoolhouse Gallery

You can always find some wildlife artworks at The Old School House Gallery, Shore Street North, Cleveland (just past the Grand View Hotel). Along with other styles.

Entry is free and off street parking is available.

New works are hung each month to keep the display interesting and vibrant! There are cards, small matted prints, jewellery and sculptures also displayed.

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Gallery hours are Friday - Sunday 9.30am - 4.30pm.



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