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Amber Gillett

Exhibiting Artist

Amber is a self-taught artist who began drawing and painting during high school in her home town of Tolga, in Far North Queensland. During her years in school she was a regular entrant in the local shows & exhibitions receiving first place and champion art exhibitioner of a number of shows.

As a result of her achievements Amber received a bursary to attend an arts degree, however within 12 months she transferred to pursue her other aspiration in life, to be a veterinarian.

Amber’s profession as a wildlife veterinarian has seen her visit many places around the world and spent more than 10 years working at the Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital treating thousands of native animals. Over the past 18 years, during her study years and working life, Amber’s art took a back seat, virtually ceasing, whilst she pursued her professional career, as well as embarking on a PhD.

In early 2016 however, during a stint of long service leave to complete her PhD, Amber’s creative side resurfaced and her recent drawings reflect her career as a wildlife veterinarian. Most of Amber’s recent subjects are native Australian animals that she has either personally treated during her time as a vet, or has viewed as part of her research career. Other subjects include some of the African species she worked with during a period of time where she lived in South Africa.

Although her career as an artist is only in its infancy, Amber hopes to achieve similar success in her pursuit to educate people on the plight of our native fauna through her drawings as she has in her veterinary career.
To view more of Amber’s works, commission a piece of artwork and hear more about her animal subjects, see her website and facebook page:

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'Close Family

Christelle Grey

Exhibiting Artist

Christelle is a wildlife artist who works mostly in watercolour. She prefers to paint the wildlife of Africa, because that’s where she grew up and she knows the animals. She visited National Parks in the southern parts of Africa every year since childhood.
Christelle lives in Australia now and works from the many photos that she and her family took on their annual trips. It gives her great pleasure to connect to her memories of the African animals through her paintings.

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Watching and Waiting

Laura Grogan

Exhibiting Artist

Laura is a wildlife artist, wildlife researcher and veterinarian passionate about the conservation of biodiversity. Painting has always been a means to express and share her love for the beauty of nature. In particular, she is interested in raising awareness about the plight of many of the less 'enigmatic' wildlife species. Paintings are composed from her own photographic source material, and she uses highly detailed illustrative ink and watercolour techniques. Laura is currently doing her PhD on the devastating fungal disease, chytridiomycosis, which is threatening frogs worldwide.

Laura is a signature member of the Artists for Conservation Foundation and is also a member of the following professional societies: International Wildlife Disease Association, The Wildlife Society, Australian Wildlife Health Network, The Ecological Society of Australia, Wilderness Preservation Society of Australia, Australian Veterinary Association, Wildlife Information Rescue and Education Service of New South Wales (WIRES).

She hopes that through her art and research she might raise public awareness about the precarious precipice upon which humanity now finds itself - the world is currently experiencing the worst biodiversity crisis in 65 million years, and this time it is anthropogenic.

Laura is committed to conservation action and donates 50% from the sale of any original artworks to conservation organizations. Proceeds from the sale of cards and prints (lauragrogan.redbubble.com) go towards supporting research on management strategies for frog population recovery.

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Young Whipbird

Jenny Grogan

Exhibiting Artist

Jenny has always been enthusiastic about painting wildlife, but produced only a low volume of work until being introduced to soft pastels in 2014, by her daughter, Laura. She found that working in pastels came naturally to her and her painting became much freer than ever before. Now she undertakes regular camping trips to National Parks with her husband and daughter to take photos to use as references for new works.

Jenny has always had a great concern for wildlife, and completed a science degree (with a major in zoology) in her twenties. Now that her husband has retired they are focusing on returning their three acre property on the far north coast of NSW, back to rainforest to act as a haven for wildlife.

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Paperbark Retreat

Gail Higgins

Life Member Artist

After commencing art lessons in 1995 Gail soon developed an interest in painting wildlife. She now devotes much of her time to capturing Australia’s beautiful native birds in pastel, charcoal, acrylic and watercolour. She gains much of her inspiration from the sea and shore birds around the Brisbane bayside area where she lives.

With the completion of Cert IV in Assessment and Workplace Training in 2003 Gail commenced her own art classes and in 2007 moved into her teaching studio in Wynnum. A Master Pastellist with the Pastel Society of Australia, Gail is now sought after to conduct workshops in pastel - her favourite medium. See under Workshops for details of her classes.

She was invited by Australia Zoo to create awareness of native flora and fauna found in the Steve Irwin Wildlife Reserve, Cape York, with a solo exhibition on Steve Irwin Day, November 2008. Gail believes that wildlife art is not only about the art – she hopes her paintings will encourage others to give thought to wildlife and the environment and to believe that the natural world is precious and worth preserving.

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Esther Horton

Exhibiting Artist

Esther considers herself fortunate to grow up with both her parents and both grandfathers sharing their passion for art and painting. She has been drawing for most of her life. Esther started watercolour painting in 2009. She finds painting great relaxation therapy at the end of a busy workday. It combines her love of art, photography, natural history and bird watching. Esther is a Veterinarian who has a business in acupuncture and physical therapies for small animals.

Esther is grateful to her teachers Shirley Charlton, Gillian Rankin and Maria Field for teaching her watercolour painting techniques with such passion and each with their own style.

She particularly loves utilising the granulation properties of watercolour paints and watching paintings come alive. Esther enjoys painting owls, other birds and wildlife best.

Esther has exhibited with the Watercolour Society of Qld, the Queensland Wildlife Artists Society, Brookfield Show, Blue Room Cinebar in Rosalie and Old Schoolhouse Gallery in Cleveland. Esther received 3rd place in the Watercolour section of the Brookfield Show for her painting called “Waratah and Noisy Friar bird” in 2015. In 2016 Esther received a Highly Commended Award at the QWASI “International Nature in Art” Exhibition at Logan Art Gallery for her watercolour painting of two barking owls.

In 2015 Esther started Scratchboard art lessons with the talented wildlife artist Sandra Temple. Esther has quickly become very addicted to this new medium. It is so beautiful to work with and gives such beautiful precise detail to her favourite wildlife subjects.

Email: esther.horton@hotmail.com
Link to Facebook page:https://www.facebook.com/EstherArtPage/

Annelise Howes

Exhibiting Artist

Coming Soon

Red Neck Wallaby and Joey

Cathy Howie

Exhibiting Artist

I had a mix of city and country childhood, with my fondness memories of running around on the backs of Stradroke island, exploring and collecting many objects and fishing with my family. While i can remember always having paper and pen in my hand it was not until my adult hood that a interest in the fine arts developed. I enjoy paintings a variety of subjects, but Australian Flora and Fauna are my main passions.

During my time as a volunteer wildlife i meet some amazing wildlife carer and vets and my knowledge of our local wildlife habitats increased. At the same time i started art classes with Philip Farley and my interest in painting Australian Wildlife was furthered fuelled.

With starting my family, i gave up my wildlife rescue and decided to further my interest of local fauna and flora through my paintings. I enjoy painting in a variety of mediums, Acrylic and Pastel been my main medium of choice. However i am constantly exploring different mediums and surfaces, attending a variety of workshops to develop my stills and learn from some amazing and passionate artist.

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Hanging On

Margaret Ingles

Exhibiting Artist

Margaret is an Australian artist who has been living in Asia for over two decades (Nepal, Laos, Thailand and Singapore). Being married to a conservation scientist, she has had many opportunities to travel and experience a diversity of landscapes, habitats, and cultures. This has allowed her to indulge her other great interest – photography – and her photos often provide the inspiration and starting points for many of her paintings. She is primarily an oil-on-canvas artist, but occasionally enjoys working in acrylics and pastel, and enjoys painting a range of subject matter.

Four years ago she became aware of the amphibian extinction crisis facing the planet. "I want my frog paintings to help address this extinction crisis, by raising awareness and funds for conservation actions." Most of Margaret's paintings depict frogs in human settings to symbolise the direct connection between them; man as both the source of the problem and, ultimately, the solution.

Margaret is a member of the international Artists for Conservation group, the International Guild of Realism and the Australian Guild of Realist Artists, and a member of the David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation. Some of her work can also be seen on the Amphibian Ark conservation website.

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Noah Ireland

Junior Member

info and image coming soon

Isaiah Ireland

Junior Member

Info and image coming soon

Southern Hairy-nosed Wombat

Beverley Irwin

Exhibiting Artist

Bev studied Art at Secondary school, drama at the National Institute of Dramatic Art (NIDA) in Sydney, and later acquired a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Southern Queensland in Language and Literature. She is passionate about her art and the environment, and has chosen Wildlife and Botanical Art as her subjects.

"We are blessed in this country to have such unique animals and plants, and the intricate structure and aesthetic perfection of our native species inspires me to take a voyage of discovery into their unique world. With climate change and habitat fragmentation through unrealistic clearing of native vegetation, I believe the mission of the botanical and wildlife artist is to record a moment in time in the short lives of these unique species for future generations to enjoy."

Queensland Wildlife Artist's Society Inc.

Australian Wildlife Exhibition

30th October - 5th November 2017
Auditorium, Mt Coot-tha Botanic Gardens, Toowong


International Wildife Exhibiton

16th March 2018 - 28th April 2017

Logan Art Gallery, Queensland



QWASI at The Old Schoolhouse Gallery

You can always find some wildlife artworks at The Old School House Gallery, Shore Street North, Cleveland (just past the Grand View Hotel). Along with other styles.

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New works are hung each month to keep the display interesting and vibrant! There are cards, small matted prints, jewellery and sculptures also displayed.

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