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Pied Imperial Pigeons

Daryl Dickson

Exhibiting Artist

"wildlife and art are my great passions in life.

I live and work in the Australian far north tropics. It is a truly inspirational place to paint.

My paintings depict these magnificent north Queensland landscapes, habitats and wildlife.

My home, at Mungarru Lodge Sanctuary, is shared with an amazing diversity of unique flora and fauna providing endless inspiration, interest and colour.

The wet tropics are a unique place of exceptional natural beauty and the ideal home for an artist. I live surrounded by some of the most rare, ancient and beautiful landscapes and creatures on earth, I am privileged indeed!”

Daryl usually paints in water colour but not in a traditional method; she works on water resistant canvas paper. The backgrounds are often created using an airbrush giving them an almost photographic feel and the fine detail is then painstakingly painted with a fine brush. Fine-line design works are also included in her collection as are works in acrylic, oil and charcoal.

Daryl’s award winning artwork shares the beauty and uniqueness of the native flora and fauna of the wet tropics. With her artwork, she hopes to inspire us all to care for and conserve this wonderful place for future generations.

Cassowary Award Winner 2008 Queensland wildlife artist & conservationist, Daryl Dickson was awarded the prestigious Wet Tropics Cassowary Award for Art.

Awarded in recognition of her fine art and for her work with the endangered mahogany glider, in wildlife rehabilitation, education and conservation.

The Cassowary Awards recognize outstanding service and dedication to the conservation and presentation of the Wet Tropics World Heritage Area.

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White Collared Conflict

Kristy-Anne Duffy

Exhibiting Artist

Kristy-Ann’s inspiration is nature and wildlife, and in particular her passion for birds. She endeavours to share her love, bringing their brightness, playfulness and beauty into her paintings for others to enjoy.

More than just capturing a likeness of the birds she observes, Kristy-Ann wants to share the joy of special moments spent watching them. She portrays their unusual and fascinating behaviours and the beautiful places they live. Like black swans ripping green weed from the bottom of a river, pelicans preening and leaving a trail of soft feathers in the water, or small kingfishers flitting amongst the trees.

Kristy-Ann works from her own photos, as the ideas and inspiration for her paintings come from watching the birds, not just the photo. She believes a painting should tell you something more than a photo.

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Pale Headed Rosella

Erica Evans

Exhibiting Artist

My life has always been dominated by a love of nature and animals in general. Also the experience of travelling extensively around Australia has left me with a love of all the colours of the many landscapes and the beauty and diversity of the creatures that live in this beautiful country.

I live in the hinterland of the Sunshine Coast. My view of the surrounding landscape is dominated by the tall, green shady trees and I love the majesty of these forests and appreciate the diversity of the flora and birds and creatures that they support.

Birds are my favourite subjects and I am currently working on a series of local birds. I find inspiration from observing birds whether around my home or whilst travelling. Their songs and “busyness” remind me that we all share the common task of survival. I look upon them as “companions” as they are always there, living their lives beside us and I can’t imagine a world without them.

I like to experiment with all mediums but most of my present work is in acrylics on canvas. My subjects have been chosen from my own personal encounters and photographs. In the case of birds, I generally like to paint them as close to real life size as possible and like to experiment with different backgrounds from traditional to a more abstract style depending on how I feel about the painting at the time.

My journey as a painter has led me to continue to strive to develop my skills and I find the constant learning is one of the reasons why I feel making art is so interesting.

In 2009 I completed a Diploma of Fine Art at the TAFE Noosa Campus, have exhibited in group exhibitions and won several awards including Best in Show at the Noosa Regional Gallery Taste of Art Exhibition in 2015.

As an artist my goal is to share my interpretation of the beauty and value of our Australian creatures with the viewer.

Website: ericaevansartist.com

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Quiet Harmony

Janeen V Fedrick

Exhibiting Artist

Nature is an endless source of inspiration and wonder for me. I want to tell a story, which may suggest what we yearn for, or perhaps, what could be lost to this amazing but increasing fragile world.

Art is my way of being creative and becoming lost in that world I have created. My preferred medium is pastel, but I also enjoy working with ink, pencil, acrylic and oils, whichever I believe “suits” the current work in progress.

As an artist I love to travel and am inspired by new places and new creatures. However, more and more lately, I have learned to appreciate and truly see and record the beauty and the wonderful wildlife in our own back yard and in the close lake side and bay side areas. Nature is all around us. We need only to pause and enjoy.

I recently joined the great Redcliffe Art Society Inc. as an exhibiting member, and my art and cards can be found in the Gallery Shop. I am also an exhibiting member (since 2001) of the Queensland Wildlife Artists Society Inc., and Nature in the Raw, a group of wildlife and botanical artists, which promotes our beautiful Australian flora and fauna through art exhibitions in private and regional Galleries

Australian Wildlife & Landscape Artist
Janeen V Fedrick

Contacts: Janeenvfedrick@gmail.com
Website: www.janeenvfedrick.com.au

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