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Bee Eater

Robyn Abrey

Exhibiting Artist

Born and reared in Rhodesia, Africa, Robyn was privileged to have a close association with all Creatures great and small, thanks to her Father being the head of the Veterinary Council and a leading Animal Conservationist.

In 1984 the Abrey Family immigrated to Durban, South Africa, where Robyn helped her Father run his World renowned Bird Sanctuary – Umgeni River Bird Park. Although Robyn's formal training as a designer allowed her to complete all the Bird Parks signage and illustrative work, her primary role was as the Head Curator of the large varied collection, involving the breeding, rearing and rehabilitation of many endangered bird species, and later the Free Flight Bird Show's head trainer and presenter.

Robyn was also commissioned to do extensive art work for a Bird Park at Iguacu Falls in Brazil, Foz Tropicana, which required her to travel there yearly for 6 weeks at a time, in order to complete huge illustrative murals and signage. She also ran her own Decorating and Paint Techniquing Company where she produced numerous murals for veterinary practices, school Science labs, businesses and private homes.

Having immigrated to Australia in 2009, thanks to the offer of an Office Management position, Robyn is excited about the prospect of expanding her Artistic career to embrace more Australian flora and fauna, but is also paying homage to her African heritage with a series of graphite drawings of African animals and birds.

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Art by Sarah Antonucci

Sarah Antonucci

Life Member Artist

Coming soon

Crimson Rosellas

Natalie Barlow

Exhibiting Artist

Natalie Barlow was born in Geelong. After finishing school, she studied Commercial art at the Melbourne College of Decoration and in 1987 attained a TAFE certificate in Promotional Display and Advertising.
Since then she has worked as a graphic artist in Melbourne, Coffs Harbour, Sydney and now the Sunshine Coast where she has lived for 5 years.
Since arriving on the Sunshine Coast Natalie has joined the Pomona Gallery Artists and Friends Group, the Friends of Noosa Regional Gallery and the Queensland Wildlife Art Society. She finds the groups to be very nurturing and supportive in her artistic development.
Her interest in art started while studying graphic design. She commenced art classes in 1986 at the local community centre and soon developed an interest in painting wildlife, particularly birds and landscapes.
Over the years Natalie has gained inspiration for her artwork by visiting wetland areas, around Australia including Kakadu and overseas trips to India and Africa. Natalie enjoys painting in oils and watercolour and has exhibited in group and solo exhibitions and also has her paintings at Pomona Gallery.
Last year Natalie had an article in the Artist Palette Magazine issue 143 which showed many of her paintings and a demonstration of a gum tree scene.



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Black Swan

Sara Bell

Exhibiting Artist

Sara finds inspiration in the world around her. There is plenty to inspire her; the way a shadow plays on a object, the challenge of representing and recreating a typical behaviour - or a quiet moment. The beauty of nature provides endless facination.

"I have loved birds ever since I can remember, and the joy of depicting nature in a realistic way enables the use of lots of colour, and I love colour."

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Vincent Bonnici

Exhibiting Artist

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Carmine Bee Eaters

Peta Boyce

Exhibiting Artist

Peta is a self taught artist working mainly in gouache or mixed media. Peta has travelled extensively in Australia to source material for her paintings of Australian birds. After recent trips to Africa she has also been painting African birds and mammals. Peta is a keen conservationist and is a member of a number of conservation organizations. She is a Signature Member of Art for Conservation, a worldwide website, and in 2009 was accepted as an Exhibitor in Art for Conservation 2009, a juried exhibition held in the U.S.A.

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Kay Bridge

Exhibiting Artist

Coming Soon

Rhino Sculpture

Gerard Burford

Life Member Artist

Gerard works in clay, concrete, wood, metals and polymers. He has been creating wildlife sculpture for over 30 years and his work captures the movement and expression in the animals he produces. Gerard had a degree in anthropology and became interested in the relationships between humans and animals over our evolutionary past during his research for it.

Working from home using a gas fired kiln, Gerard faces many challenges including the fact that his kiln has been severely damaged 3 times in the last 4 years from flooding in Ithaca creek behind his home.

Male Wren

Elizabeth Burnett

Emerging Artist

Elizabeth Burnett is an artist who grew up in Brisbane and now lives in the Redlands with her husband and family. Elizabeth has been painting for over 25 years, training under her mentor and professional artist, Trevor Platt.

For many years Elizabeth specialised in watercolours, painting landscapes, outback scenes and botanical illustrations. Elizabeth has also begun doing large scenes in oils taking inspiration from her own photographs taken while on holidays both in Australia and overseas. In recent years however, Elizabeth has enjoyed exploring new mediums and techniques training under master pastelist Gail Higgins.

Elizabeth has entered her artworks in several exhibitions in her local area and has also done several commissions. In 2012 Elizabeth was accepted as a member of "Queensland Wildlife Artist Society" with Emerging Artist status. She now enjoys using a wide range of mediums including oils, watercolour, pastels, graphite and coloured pencils to bring to life her beautiful wildlife artworks in amazing detail. For Elizabeth Art is a never ending journey of learning and discovery with a passion to improve her skills and create beautiful artwork for everyone to enjoy.

In Respect of the Koala

Michelle Caitens

Life Member Artist

Growing up in the hinterland of the Sunshine Coast, Michelle's childhood was surrounded by animals, both wild and tame. She was fascinated by a neighbouring dairy farmer who looked after abandoned or injured sugar gliders and feathertail gliders, returning them to the bush whenever possible.

Since then, Michelle has travelled extensively through Europe, North America and Australia which has greatly influenced her appreciation of the natural world and our unique Australian wildlife.

Michelle is a teacher, has illustrated music books, painted numerous murals in private homes and in schools as Artist-in-Residence, and has worked as a dance teacher and calligrapher. She also enjoys the connection with people and their animals by painting portraits.

Michelle supports a number of conservation organisations including the World Wildlife Fund, Save the Bilby Fund, Wildlife Warriors, the Wildlife Preservation Society and the RSPCA. With her art, she hopes to connect with the viewer emotively, touching a memory or perhaps providing a glimpse into the beauty of wildlife and the natural world.

"If, in some way, wildlife art can help create awareness of the amazing world we live in, then we have achieved some success."

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Blue and Yellow Macaw

Daisy Claridge

Exhibiting Artist

With a background in drawing, Daisy Claridge is renowned for her pen and ink work of animals and birds which she depicts with exceptionally fine detail. Her passion for wildlife and love of realism combine perfectly to bring awareness and enjoyment of the natural world into people's homes.

Daisy has been successfully exhibiting since 2006 and her range of Australian fauna images are popular sellers in tourist venues. More recently Daisy has been working with colour using a variety of different mediums and techniques. This has brought a different depth and range of subjects to her wildlife studies.

A resident of the Southern Highlands of NSW, Daisy's artworks are available at many local outlets as signed, limited edition giclée prints. They are available in a variety of sizes on archival paper or canvas. Enquiries and purchases can also be made by email or through her website.

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Litoria brevipalmata

Garth Coupland

Exhibiting Artist

Garth has lived in Brisbane since emigrating from Britain in 2013.

His watercolour renderings of Australian Frogs are his only attempts at paintings; his artistic endeavours in the past being in illustration and cartooning. Garth is particular about only using his own field observations and photographic references of the frogs and the plants and the geology of their habitat, He endeavours never to handle his subjects, so for the sake of accuracy some anatomical detail has to be verified using other reference sources.

Garth was a police officer for 30 years with an extra specialism in wildlife crime investigating on top of his normal duties. This enabled him to give something back to wildlife for all the joy it had given him whilst studying the flora and fauna of Europe.

He has illustrated, in pen and ink, many magazine articles on wildlife, law and police subjects and has had 2 collections of cartoons published.

Garth's natural history interests are wide and include most taxa but he has a particular passion for herpetology. He says "Painting frogs helps to relieve the artistic ache that my attraction to the anuran form and habitat causes me to suffer from!"

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